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  • In order to reduce the friction between the tool and the material during the processing of the aluminum profile, some emulsified oil is required. After the aluminum component is processed, the smooth oil remaining on it is difficult to be removed by simple wiping. This requires a special degreaser to remove.

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  • In the production of industrial aluminum, it is usually anodized on its surface, mainly to treat the appearance of the product, so that it can not be rusted! However, the sealing treatment is also in the anodizing process.

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  • Although the industrial aluminum profile has the characteristics of high strength, light weight, strong corrosion resistance, novel structure, convenient assembly, material saving and durability, unreasonable maintenance, installation and maintenance will also affect the appearance and appearance of the aluminum profile product. The color, so we should have the right maintenance and maintenance of industrial aluminum profiles.

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  • (1) Broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows are the most advanced aluminum alloy doors and windows. It is the fifth generation of new energy-saving doors and windows after wooden windows, iron windows, plastic steel doors and windows and ordinary colored aluminum alloy doors and windows. Its surface can be painted in a variety of colors.

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