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Three Aluminium Roof Mount Solar panels Guide
Source:     Time:2019-10-14
Installing Solar panels need to have independent roofs. Common residential buildings, villas, and office buildings can be installed with solar panel. Three of them are most suitable.

Inclined roof solar panel bracket system

The slope of the slope roof is large, and the rainwater is easy to be excluded. The installation of the solar panels on the slope roof does not require an increase in the aluminium bracket and the inclination is calculated. Installation according to the roof
The solar panel is laid at its own inclination angle, and the installation capacity is not affected by the area, and the slope can also be used for cleaning.

The main advantage of the fixed solar energy panel is that the power generation effect is obvious and the roof is properly matched.
Can increase the height of the roof, become beautiful and high-tech.

Flat roof solar panel bracket system

The flat roof can be used as a drying and drying place. In summer, the roof is hot. The biggest advantage of installing a solar panel bracket system on a flat roof is heat insulation.
It can be cooled by an average of 5-7°. The heightening bracket can be installed to install solar panels without affecting the space of the roof. Another aluminum bracket installation with cement + photovoltaic bracket

Sun roof solar panel bracket system

That is, the glass roof, connected by a solar aluminum frame and glass, reduces ultraviolet radiation and provides daily electricity, which is the best of both worlds.

solar frames and brackets

Ming Ding Aluminum-Plastic is a provider of solar frames and brackets with 10 years of experience, producing aluminum frames and aluminum solar panel brackets.
It can be perfectly matched to different places of use. We produce different types of aluminum brackets to meet different customer requirements. We can also customize the frame and support parts of any solar panel.

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