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aluminum bracket solar panel systems in construction
Source:     Time:2019-10-21

Aluminum bracket solar panels are now not limited to industrial power generation, and have gradually entered people's daily lives and brought convenience and a better life.

In general, the solar panels can be fixedly installed on the roof of the sunny side.
Large-scale flat-top buildings are ideal for paving solar panels and can be tiled directly in areas with low latitudes.
Flat-top buildings in areas with high latitudes should be installed with solar panels tilted south
In areas with high latitudes, solar panels can be installed on the south facing (north hemisphere) wall

The thin-film solar panel is sandwiched between glass plates to form a photovoltaic curtain wall, and the curtain wall is installed on the exterior of the building. Such a building is called a photovoltaic building.
It is one of the most important, ideal and most promising technologies in the current use of solar energy.
The role of aluminum bracket

The role of aluminum bracket

The aluminum bracket can improve the wind and snow resistance of the system, and rationally utilize the characteristics of the photovoltaic bracket system in terms of load bearing, and can further optimize its dimensional parameters.
Saving materials and contributing to the further reduction of costs in photovoltaic systems.

The loads acting on the base of the solar panel assembly are mainly: the self-weight (constant load) of the support and photovoltaic modules, wind load, snow load, temperature load and seismic load.
The main control function is the wind load. Therefore, the foundation design should ensure the stability of the foundation under the wind load. Under the wind load, the foundation may be pulled up.
Destruction phenomena such as fractures, the basic design should ensure that no damage occurs under this force.

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