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Aluminum industry price trend forecast(May 2020)
Source:     Time:2020-05-06

After the aluminum industry experienced historical price bottoms in April 2020, prices are expected to increase in May.


This price trend has been highlighted at the end of April. Throughout April, the price of the aluminum industry has been slowly fluctuating and rising. There are two main factors for this situation: First, the COVID-19 is currently controlled to a certain extent, making the aluminum industry necessary for various countries to start normal investment. In operation, the consumption of metal aluminum began to increase; second, in order to maintain the stability of the international metal market and forcefully stabilize the price of the aluminum industry, so as not to face the risk of failure of large aluminum products companies.


In the future, the aluminum industry prices in May are expected to continue to maintain a trend from mid-April to the end of April, with prices slowly fluctuating and rising, with a small increase, and finally tending to be stable. At present, the biggest impact on the aluminum industry is the shutdown of the COVID-19. If you want the aluminum industry to truly return to the previous price, it may take some time.


The above prediction comes from Jiangyin Mingding Aluminum Products Co., Ltd.

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