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Hot-dip galvanized carbon steel bracket VS aluminum bracket
Source:     Time:2019-10-28

The solar bracket is a special bracket designed for placing, installing and fixing solar panels in a solar power station. Common materials are hot-dip galvanized carbon steel, anodized aluminum alloy, stainless steel, etc.

The hot-dip galvanized carbon steel bracket has good overall structure stability, wind resistance, snow resistance, strong earthquake resistance, and has safe and reliable characteristics. The main body price of the 

hot-dip galvanized carbon steel material bracket has a great advantage over the aluminum alloy.

The anodized aluminum alloy frame is lightweight and sturdy.
Effectively prevents corrosion and oxidation. The aluminum bracket is recycled to reduce environmental pollution. The overall support structure takes into account the load-bearing, wind-resistant, snow-resistant and seismic-resistant capabilities.

aluminum bracket for solar panel
The choice of solar panel brackets is especially important not to save costs, using angle iron as a bracket.
Because of the long time, it is easy to rust and deform, especially in summer and many typhoon seasons. The wind resistance of the bracket is particularly important to prevent safety hazards.

The connection between the brackets is assembled with nuts and connecting pieces. It is forbidden to choose to directly use the welding assembly, and it is easy to break and collapse after a long time. 

The assembly of the nut and the connecting piece are easy to disassemble, and the welded one must be cut to be removed, which affects the use interest.

The weights associated with the brackets are most often cement piers, steel structures, chemical anchor bolts, etc.

In general, households use concrete piers that are placed to meet the installation standards of the photovoltaic industry as weights, mostly square solid cement piers.
If the expansion bracket is used directly to fix the bracket to the roof, this will not only damage the waterproof layer of the roof, but also the expansion bolt will loosen and break for a long time.

When the solar panel is scratched and dropped, it causes a certain economic loss. Basically, the bracket is improperly selected, so the bracket and the counterweight are very important for the placement of the solar panel.

Ming Ding Aluminum-Plastic is a manufacturer of solar frames and aluminum brackets with 10 years of experience, producing aluminum frames and aluminum solar panel brackets.

Ming Ding Aluminum-Plastic High Efficiency Solar Panel Bracket Aluminium can easily fit solar panels, library solar panels, whether it's a roof or a rooftop. It can perfectly match different places of use. 

We produce different kinds of aluminum brackets to meet different customers. The frame and support parts of any solar module can also be customized using the requirements.

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