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Attention should be paid to the anodizing treatment of industrial aluminum
Source: Jiang Yin Ming Ding     Time:2019-07-11

  In the production of industrial aluminum, it is usually anodized on its surface, mainly to treat the appearance of the product, so that it can not be rusted! However, the sealing treatment is also in the anodizing process. In one part, only after the sealing treatment, the industrial aluminum material is dyed, so that it will not appear some colored spots! And the sealing processing can be divided into many kinds, first look together:

  The general sealing processing technology can be divided into steam sealing, hot water sealing, medium temperature sealing, etc. These sealing methods are very good choices! Of course, there are some, it is possible to choose the cold sealing hole processing technology. This is also one of them. If you need industrial aluminum for dyeing, you need to do the above treatment!

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