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How to remove oil from the surface of aluminum profiles
Source: Jiang Yin Ming Ding     Time:2019-07-11

  In order to reduce the friction between the tool and the material during the processing of the aluminum profile, some emulsified oil is required. After the aluminum component is processed, the smooth oil remaining on it is difficult to be removed by simple wiping. This requires a special degreaser to remove.

  At present, the commonly used degreaser is alkaline and acidic. The alkaline degreasing method is to first soak the aluminum profile in the caustic soda solution, and then put it into the 15-20 nitric acid solution for ashing and polishing. This is also the pre-treatment process for the external anodizing treatment.

  However, some aluminum processing plants do not do well, often because of the problem of alumina accumulation and the concentration of nitric acid, so some processing plants will use acid degreaser to remove oil, acid degreaser and alkaline removal. The use of oils is different.

  Frist. Soaking and removing oil and removing ash:

  1. Add a small amount of tap water before use, and then immerse the aluminum product processing parts in the pool; (adjust the de-ashing agent)

  2, participate in aluminum products degreasing agent, automatic heating within 5-10 seconds;

  3, 2~3 minutes to remove the oil, wash with tap water;

  4, into the graying agent to remove ash (time does not exceed 30 seconds);

  5, tap water cleaning ------ dry (dry) or stop oxidation.

  In this application process, the degreaser can be properly diluted with tap water to dilute the degreaser when the degreasing agent has a high heating temperature.

  Second, spray degreasing, ash:

  1. Add appropriate amount of water to dilute the degreaser and deashing agent respectively;

  2. Adjust the nozzle angle;

  3. Ensure the spraying time of aluminum profile products (not less than 30 seconds);

  4, to ensure that aluminum products have a cycle of washing;

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