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3030 Aluminum Profile Wholesale, China Supplier
Source:     Time:2020-05-13

Aluminum profiles are divided into different models due to their different alloy proportions. Among them, 3030 aluminum profiles, which are favored by major aluminum profile buyers, have the characteristics of light weight, strong bearing capacity, exquisite and compact.


Light weight: 3030 industrial aluminum profiles are lighter than other industrial aluminum profiles in weight, and the weight is 0.94kg / m. Therefore, many buyers will also choose 3030 industrial aluminum when they are making material racks, shelves, and workbenches. Profiles.


Strong carrying capacity: It can be selected as a shelf by buyers, and it must have a strong enough carrying capacity. Material shelves made of 3030 industrial aluminum profiles can carry about 100 kg of items.


Exquisite and compact: Compared with other types of industrial aluminum profiles, 3030 aluminum profiles are more delicate and compact, and the resulting shelves are more beautiful, suitable for supermarkets and stores.

3030 industrial aluminum profiles

3030 industrial aluminum profiles 


In addition to the above three advantages, 3030 aluminum profile also has the advantage of low cost, because of its light weight and low cost of raw materials.


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