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A380 aluminum ingot, Jiangyin Mingding Aluminum Products Co., Ltd.
Source:     Time:2020-05-14

A380 aluminum ingot is one of the raw materials of high-quality aluminum profiles and is widely used in various industries because of its excellent mechanical processing performance, good thermal conductivity and strong hardness. For more knowledge of A380 aluminum ingots, Jiangyin Mingding Aluminum Products Co., Ltd. provides you with:


A380 aluminum ingots are American standard aluminum ingots. Most American aluminum products contain A380 aluminum.


Composition standard: A380 aluminum is also called silicon-aluminum-copper alloy. Silicon content: 7.5-9.5; copper content: 3-4; remaining alloy content <5.35


Weight: A380 aluminum ingots are usually packed in plastic sealed bags with "Jing" characters, 6kg / bar, 142 bars / lb, and 850kg / lb.


Scope of application:

1. Castings that need to maintain strength at high temperatures, such as engineering accessories and gear boxes.


2. Pay attention to surface processing purposes or general castings, for example: radio housing.


3. Castings that require high hardness and mechanical strength, such as: production of automobile spare tire lifting gears, power tool handles.

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