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How to deal with rusty aluminum tubes
Source:     Time:2020-04-22

Metals are not properly stored and exposed to the air. They are particularly susceptible to oxidation, which is what we often call rust. Iron rust will produce red rust, and aluminum rust will produce black alumina, so usually we see that the surface of the aluminum tube is dark, that is, the aluminum tube is rusted.


After the aluminum tube is rusted, is there any way to restore him to its original bright luster? In industry, chemical derusting is usually used, which uses the properties of aluminum metal and reacts with chemical substances to remove rust.


Aluminum pipe

Pickling and rust removal: Before pickling and rust removal, the rusty aluminum pipe needs to be degreased. If the oil is not removed, the embroidery will not be washed, and the derusting process takes a long time and the efficiency is low. Pickling the rusty aluminum tube after degreasing, the aluminum tube after pickling shows that it will show a semi-bright state, you can directly perform oxidation treatment. The pickling and derusting operation is simple, and the substrate loss is relatively small.


Alkaline solution rust removal: The lye solution rust removal and pickling rust removal have the same principle, except that the acid solution is replaced with an alkaline solution. However, in the process of derusting, the alkaline solution derusting not only needs to degrease the aluminum tube, but also remove the oxide film of the rusty aluminum tube. One more step than pickling to remove rust.


Both rust removal methods will cause loss to rusty aluminum tubes. Therefore, when buying aluminum tubes, it is best to choose aluminum tubes for electroplating, which can prevent the aluminum tubes from rusting. The aluminum appliances used in our daily life do not need to be derusted even if they are rusted. On the contrary, the aluminum oxide generated by aluminum rust can also protect the internal aluminum tube from oxidation, forming a protective film.


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