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Types of industrial aluminum frames
Source:     Time:2020-07-24

We know that industrially produced aluminum profiles can be made into a variety of structural products. The finished industrial production aluminum profile structure is used in many industries. But are you aware of the actual types of industrial aluminum profile structures? The custom-made industrial aluminum profile structure manufacturer Jiangyin Mingding has briefly sorted out the following types of industrial aluminum profile structures.


1. Machine and equipment hood protective cover structure

Such industrially produced aluminum profile frame products are generally made of aluminum composite panels and acrylic panels. In the manufacturing industry, it is commonly called machine equipment cover and protective cover. Generally used in the field of industrial equipment, it has the functions of noise reduction, pollution prevention, and maintenance of machinery and equipment. And generally equipped with moving universal wheels, convenient and flexible.


industrial aluminum frameworks

Industrial aluminum frames

2. Industrial production aluminum profile support frame

This type of industrial production aluminum profile structure generally refers to these lightweight frame shear walls used in some mechanical and automated manufacturing industries, and the load-bearing capacity and bearing capacity are relatively small. It is generally used to make workshop workbench support frame, organization structure of automated technology production line, aluminum alloy whiteboard rack, DIY aquarium aluminum frame. The bed plank these. It can be used not only in the production workshop, but also in daily life.


3. safety protection fence support frame

This kind of industrial production aluminum profile structure is generally used in large and medium-sized machinery factories, and can have the functions of safety protection, regional planning, maintenance of industrial equipment and safety of production workers. According to different requirements, match different protective sheet nets (such as iron net, aluminum sheet, acrylic sheet, etc.) for application.


4. Maintenance service platform/step support point architecture

This type of industrial production aluminum profile structure is generally used in large and medium-sized machinery and equipment maintenance service platforms or step climbing work platforms. It must have good bearing capacity and strong safety. Therefore, large-size industrial aluminum profiles are generally used. Able to facilitate production and manufacturing staff can easily climb around the heights to carry out production and manufacturing work.


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