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What material is the best radiator?
Source:     Time:2020-07-30

There are many kinds of radiator materials, and the heat dissipation performance of radiators of different materials varies greatly. What material is the best radiator? Read this article, Jiangyin Mingding Aluminum Products Co., Ltd. will tell the advantages and disadvantages of various materials of radiator.


Aluminum radiator

Aluminum radiator

1. All copper radiator

The corrosion resistance of all-copper radiators is second to none in the history of radiators, and it can be described as sturdy and durable. As everyone knows, the cost of copper engineering is relatively high, and it is not easy to transport, so the number of people used is still relatively small.


2. Steel plate-fin radiator

It has certain advantages in terms of anti-corrosion characteristics. According to the plate-fin heat rejection, the relative heating capacity is also greatly improved, and it also has certain advantages in terms of price. But the appearance is relatively simple, and the transportation and installation level is more complicated.


3. Pig iron radiator

Pig iron radiators are divided into two types: general pig iron and processing technology pig iron. General pig iron is the first radiator material that comes out with low cost and good corrosion resistance, but it is famous for its poor appearance. The processing technology of pig iron radiator has very good pressure bearing effect, corrosion resistance, long service life, suitable for central heating, and is not smooth and heavy, but the design style is relatively simple and difficult to meet people's aesthetic requirements.


4. Flat steel radiator

In terms of specifications and models, the flat steel radiator is relatively uniform and has excellent heat dissipation characteristics. But it is very easy to oxidize in the air, the corrosion resistance is not very good, and the water body is in the middle of 7-12.


5. Steel plug welding radiator

The appearance and heat rejection heating are better than common pig iron radiators, and the price also has certain advantages. However, the electric welding spot appeared on the outside, and the durability and pressure resistance were not enough.


6.Aluminum radiator

Aluminum radiators are lighter in transportation, easy to install, and have various shapes and designs. However, the corrosion resistance of aluminum metal materials is relatively weak. For example, aluminum radiators must be repaired and replaced frequently. Fortunately, customers can choose aluminum radiators that have undergone special processing, such as anodizing, electroplating, etc., which can provide aluminum radiators with high-quality corrosion resistance.


Aluminum heat sink

Aluminum heat sink

7. Titanium Alcoa radiator

The three materials are closely combined, and the appearance design is beautiful and generous. Considering the heat rejection and corrosion resistance and heat resistance, the surface temperature is not hot, and the safety is durable. But the price is higher.


8. Steel column radiator

The appearance design is beautiful and generous, the shape design is fashionable and trendy, the design style is various, and it can even be made into an artistic expression technique that can be made into a cross-shaped design. The price is ordinary people, high cost performance. But it is very easy to oxidize in the air, and the inside must be anti-corrosion solution. When not in use, it must be filled with water for maintenance.


9. Pure stainless steel plate radiator

The actual effect of anti-corrosion is good in plumbing installation, but the heating capacity is relatively low, and the price is relatively expensive, and the thermal conductivity is low.


10. Copper and aluminum composite radiator

According to a certain processing technology, copper and aluminum are closely combined, and they have the light, beautiful, elegant and heat-removing properties of aluminum radiators. In addition, they have the corrosion resistance of copper. However, this type of radiator is expensive because of the large investment in cost and capital.


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