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Will aluminum solar frames rust?(New)
Source:     Time:2020-05-27

In order to fix the solar panel, it is necessary to install a solar frame. In addition to protecting the solar panels, the solar frame also needs to withstand the backlog of storms and heavy snow, which requires the solar frame itself to have good performance. In the current market, aluminum solar frames are the choice of most people, but as metal products, will aluminum solar frames rust?


Jiangyin Mingding Aluminum Products Co., Ltd., a company specializing in the production of aluminum solar frames, can answer this question for you.


Although aluminum products have good oxidation resistance and are not easy to rust, this does not mean that aluminum products will not rust. Therefore, the aluminum solar frame will also rust, but the black substance generated by the rust-alumina, will form a tight oxide film to protect the aluminum inside, and will not let the rust continue to corrode.


aluminum solar frames

Therefore, even if the aluminum solar frame will rust, it does not hinder its functional use, so you can buy aluminum solar frames with confidence. If you insist that the rust of the aluminum solar frame will affect its performance, you can choose the aluminum solar frame after anodizing and electroplating at the time of purchase. The aluminum products after the process can be kept bright. The gloss will not be oxidized.


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