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The aluminum frame has this use
Source:     Time:2020-04-22

Industrial aluminum profile frames have a wide range of applications in the industrial field. In addition to the aluminum doors and windows frames and aluminum fences that we commonly see every day, aluminum frames also have these uses.


Mechanical than:

1. Mechanical frame structure and connection of various parts

2. Small automatic equipment and non-standard electromechanical equipment

3. Industrial inspection and safety protection system

4. Workbench, industrial assembly line and conveyor belt


Aluminum frame

Equipment frame:

1. Trade show, outdoor advertising or stage setting

2. Industrial fence, protective cover

3. Electronic and auto parts assembly production line

4. Solar panel protection frame


With its excellent performance, industrial aluminum profile frames show their talents in various fields, and aluminum alloys are more widely used. Therefore, when you are hesitant to use any metal frame, you can choose industrial aluminum profile frames, which will definitely not error!


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