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All aluminum furniture for sale, Chinese wholesaler(2020)
Source:     Time:2020-05-14

Are you still using wooden furniture? It is better to change a material to experience a completely different style-all-aluminum furniture.


All aluminum furniture, the material used is aluminum alloy, you can use different composition of aluminum alloy according to the purpose of the furniture. Compared with traditional wooden furniture, aluminum furniture can avoid the defects of wood furniture:


1. Natural defects of wood: Aluminum is artificially cast and can be completely modified according to the design drawings, but the wood will have limitations such as knots and textures.

all aluminum furniture


2. Defects of biological damage: After long-term use of ordinary wooden furniture, it is prone to decay, discoloration and moth-eaten. If you want to process the wooden furniture after a special process, the price is too expensive, and ordinary families cannot afford it. Aluminum furniture can perfectly solve this problem, and the anodized and electroplated aluminum materials do not have to worry about rust at all. Aluminum furniture is cheaper than wooden furniture.


3. Defects caused by mechanical processing: When the wood is processed, the material of the wood may be too dry. After the processing is completed, there may be problems such as cracking, warping, and sawing wounds, resulting in the furniture being ugly and not secure. Aluminum furniture does not have this problem at all. If there are defects caused by processing, it can be re-cast and the metal is far stronger than wood.


All-aluminum furniture for sale, customized aluminum furniture, Chinese wholesaler: Jiangyin Mingding Aluminum Products Co., Ltd.

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