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How to choose a cost-effective aluminum radiator?
Source:     Time:2020-07-23

Aluminum radiator has become an important furniture in home decoration, it can bring you a high-quality life experience of warm in winter and cool in summer. How to choose a cost-effective aluminum heat sink? You should consider these aspects.


First, consider applicability


From the perspective of applicability, home decoration aluminum composite heat pipe radiators are very worthwhile. Unlike small and medium-sized electrical appliances, aluminum composite heat pipe radiators can be used for a long time and can reduce costs. Compared with other heating equipment, it is more comfortable and has a longer service life. Therefore, it is cost-effective overall. If you must install an aluminum radiator, don't hesitate and act quickly.


Second, considering the production process


The aluminum radiator is not overall, it is all welded by electric welding. Only when the electric welding is good, the airtightness can be good. Generally, the aluminum composite heat pipe radiators produced by large manufacturers are all welded by automatic mechanical electric welding, which is highly efficient, cost-effective, and safe. The radiators manufactured in small factories are generally hand-made electric welding or robotic electric welding, with poor accuracy, the actual effect of electric welding is not very good, the quality is not stable, it is very easy to crack, and there is a safety risk. When choosing, you can choose the ones produced by large manufacturers, which have a stronger ability to work under pressure and have a long service life.


Aluminum heat sink

Aluminum heat sink

Third, consider the material


In the home decoration price list, you can judge how much it will cost to install aluminum radiators from the perspective of materials. However, the price gap between brands is large, and there are many reasons. The production cost is affected, and the price is of course affected. Aluminum composite heat pipe radiators are classified into steel, aluminum, pig iron, copper, etc. according to materials, and are arranged as iron, steel, aluminum, and copper according to the storage rate of international metal materials. Compared with other materials, the price of aluminum radiator is lower than the middle. However, high-quality products cannot be purchased at a too cheap price. Many manufacturers use the radiator material to manipulate the radiator material, resulting in frequent failures, water seepage or radiator failure within a few months of product application.


Fourth, the elements of water supply pipes


Since the aluminum radiator always stores water during the heating season, the safety factor is very critical. When purchasing radiators and spare parts, customers should choose large and medium-sized building materials supermarkets or dealerships, and the manufacturer or dealers technical professional staff will come to service and install them, otherwise the radiator will cause other damages if it sees water.


Fifth, the heat pipe radiator must be consistent with the heating system


For residential communities with unbalanced water bodies with strong acid and alkali, the water characteristics have decided to choose radiators with strong corrosion resistance as much as possible, and the service life of aluminum radiators can reach 15 to 30 years. Use general steel-copper-aluminum composite heat pipe radiators with caution. Because the amount of air supplied in the water of the centralized heating system exceeds the standard, the steel-copper-aluminum composite heat pipe radiator is very prone to air oxidation and erosion, and some or even not In the past five years, even if the steel-copper-aluminum composite heat pipe radiator has been internally protected against corrosion, its corrosion resistance is still inferior to that of aluminum radiators.


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