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Industrial aluminum profile frame installation
Source:     Time:2020-04-21

Why when buying industrial aluminum profile frames, some manufacturers are willing to install the frame and ship it, and some manufacturers are not willing to install and sell it? This is mainly because the installation of industrial aluminum profile frames for different purposes is also different. Next, follow Jiangyin Mingding Aluminum Products Co., Ltd. to explore the reasons!

industrial aluminum profile frames


The installation of industrial aluminum profile frames does not have one-step procedures and steps, it is different from other frames. Industrial aluminum profile frames are diversified, including table frame, display frame, fence frame, etc. The installation methods of these frames are different, so it is necessary to install them correctly according to the actual use.


For a small industrial aluminum profile frame, it can be installed directly in the aluminum product manufacturer and then transported. However, for protective fences or large workbench frames, etc., industrial aluminum profiles that need to be installed based on field measurements can only be installed by customers themselves. One is because of the consideration of freight, and the other is whether the product is easily damaged during transportation.


Jiangyin Mingding Aluminum Products Co., Ltd. reminds you to read the instructions of the installation drawings clearly when installing the industrial aluminum profile frame to avoid distortion or damage of the aluminum profile caused by installation errors. As long as the violent installation is not carried out, the good structure of the aluminum profile can be recycled, saving production costs.

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