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How to make high-quality solar aluminum frames(2020)
Source:     Time:2020-05-26

The solar frame is a must-have item for installing solar energy. Among many materials, the aluminum solar frame is the most popular. This is because the aluminum solar frame has the characteristics of light weight, cheap price and stable structure. A high-quality solar aluminum frame also needs to pay attention to the process technology at key points in the production process.


1. Optimize the design and manufacture of aluminum extrusion dies

The product shape and dimensional accuracy of the solar aluminum frame are determined by the extrusion die, so the design and manufacturing quality of the extrusion die is an important guarantee for achieving high-quality production.


2. Using advanced extrusion die manufacturing equipment

High-precision advanced extrusion die processing equipment is a prerequisite for ensuring the qualification of solar aluminum frames. At the same time, it is also necessary to use different processes to improve the machining accuracy and performance of the mold, such as CNC, three-axis machining center, slow wire cutting, etc.

solar aluminum frames

solar aluminum frames


3. Reasonable layout of die holes

The reasonable arrangement of die holes can ensure good symmetry of photovoltaic aluminum profiles, improve production efficiency and yield. Therefore, the layout of the die holes must abide by the principle of central symmetry, and the symmetrical arrangement of multiple die holes is adopted, and the location of the die holes should be avoided on the decorative surface as far as possible, in order to be beautiful.


4. Raw material selection

It is recommended that the photovoltaic aluminum frame adopt 6063 aluminum alloy profile. Because 6063 aluminum profile has good extrusion performance and low quenching sensitivity, good high temperature plasticity, wide quenching temperature range, and low critical quenching speed, it is the best choice for manufacturing solar aluminum frames.


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