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What processes are needed to manufacture solar aluminum frames?
Source:     Time:2020-06-03

The solar frame is the only protective measure for photovoltaic solar energy. Installing a solar frame can extend the service life of photovoltaic solar panels and help solar panels better resist the effects of natural weather. Among the solar frames made of various materials, the solar aluminum frame is the highest quality, so what processes are needed to manufacture the solar aluminum frame?


Jiangyin Mingding Aluminum Products Co., Ltd. introduces you to the process and technology of solar aluminum frame manufacturing:


First of all, the selection of raw materials for solar aluminum frames is very important. The commonly used raw materials for solar frames are 6063-T5 aluminum, and some businesses use 6061 aluminum or 6005 aluminum.


After that, we will start to produce aluminum solar frames:


1. Put the aluminum rod into the extruder, press it through the frame aluminum profile mold, and immediately cool it by air cooling to quench the profile.


2. After the aluminum profile is fed into the straightener for modulation, the excess part of the material is sawed off and then aged to increase the strength of the aluminum profile.


3. After the aging is completed, the surface of the aluminum frame should be sandblasted and anodized to enhance the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the aluminum frame.

solar aluminum frame

 Solar aluminum frame


4. After the surface processing of the aluminum frame is completed, a protective film should be attached to it, because the surface of the solar frame cannot have any scratches or scratches, so the protective film needs to be attached.


5. Sawing aluminum frame according to customer's customized specifications, common specifications are 35*35mm, 40*35mm, 45*35mm 50*35mm, 35*30mm, 25*25mm.


6. In order to facilitate installation and beautiful appearance, as well as to better protect the solar panel, now more nuts and bolts are used for installation. This requires perforating the aluminum solar frame: the water hole, the installation hole, the grounding sign and the riveting point.


7. Fixed angle code. In the short side corners, the riveting points are punched afterwards, so that the solar aluminum frame will not loosen and the solar cells are better fixed.


8. Manual inspection. Due to the high surface requirements and processing skills of the solar aluminum frame, one-on-one inspection is required manually, which is why the solar aluminum frame is more expensive than the general frame.


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