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Precautions for heat treatment during deep processing of industrial aluminum profiles
Source: Jiang Yin Ming Ding     Time:2019-07-11

  Speaking of industrial aluminum profiles, we should not be unfamiliar. The application of industrial aluminum profiles is very extensive, which also makes a great demand for its output. In the process of industrial aluminum profile processing, people usually pay attention to some processing matters, then today Xiaobian will talk to you about the heat treatment of industrial aluminum profiles during deep processing, I hope you can read the article carefully, I believe you There will be some gains.

  1. Setting and control of industrial aluminum profile temperature: Generally, there is a certain error between the temperature and the apparent temperature when processing industrial aluminum profiles. When setting the table temperature, it should be set according to the actual temperature of the furnace, and close Pay attention to the fluctuations of temperature;

  2. Industrial aluminum profile aging insulation: It is necessary to strictly follow the process requirements for aging, and the holding time should be appropriate to prevent under-age or over-aging and lead to insufficient hardness. Blanking frame, loading furnace;

  3, industrial aluminum extrusion frame can not be too dense, there must be a gap between the material and material, industrial aluminum profiles, especially non-ventilated small materials, thick material spacing is more large, pipe materials and small materials, sheet materials When a frame is installed, the pipe material is placed below to facilitate the aging cycle to supply air;

  4. Before the industrial aluminum profile is installed, it is necessary to separate the other special alloys from the ordinary alloys. Because of the production reasons, it is necessary to use the special alloy process for aging.

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