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Why is the radiator made of aluminum instead of copper?
Source:     Time:2020-05-29

The radiator is a cooling tool that we are familiar with. Most radiators on the market are made of aluminum, but in the chemical field, the heat dissipation performance of copper is better than aluminum. Why is the radiator made of aluminum instead of copper?


Let us follow Jiangyin Mingding Aluminum Products Co., Ltd. to analyze this problem.


From the perspective of heat dissipation capacity, pure copper will indeed have higher heat dissipation capacity than pure aluminum. The thermal conductivity of pure copper is 401W / m.K, and that of pure aluminum is 237W / m.K. However, as a product, it cannot be infinitely large, so the density of the metal should be considered. The density of pure copper is nearly three times the density of pure aluminum. Therefore, under the same volume size, the heat capacity of aluminum is better than that of copper.


aluminum radiators

aluminum radiators

From the price analysis, the price of pure copper far exceeds the price of pure aluminum, so if you want to buy a copper radiator, the cost will be much higher than that of aluminum radiators, which is not acceptable to many manufacturers.


Finally, from the performance analysis, even if you are willing to spend money to buy a copper radiator, but the performance benefit of pure copper radiator is very low, the pure copper U120E is only 4 degrees lower than the ordinary U120E, the price Three or four times higher, which shows that its cost performance is very low.


In summary, it is not necessary to make pure copper radiators, and it is inevitable that aluminum radiators will become the market trend.


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