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How many round aluminum tubes do you know?
Source:     Time:2020-06-01

The types of aluminum tubes are mainly divided into round aluminum tubes, square aluminum tubes and shaped aluminum tubes. Most of the common aluminum tubes in life are round aluminum tubes, such as water pipes, object supports, and construction materials on construction sites. How many models of aluminum round tubes are there, and what are the differences between the models, do you know? Quickly know about Jiangyin Mingding Aluminum Products Co., Ltd.!


The biggest difference between aluminum round tubes is the thickness of the tube wall. According to the different thickness of the tube wall, the price and the way of use are also very different. The thicker the wall, the more raw materials are used and the price is higher, but some thin-walled aluminum round tubes are also expensive due to the difficulty of processing skills.

aluminum round tubes

aluminum round tubes 


At present, there are about 14 types of aluminum round tubes on the market. The larger the model number, the higher the wall thickness. For example, the wall thickness of YG-22 is 1.8, the wall thickness of YG-38 is 3.0, and the wall thickness of YG108 is 4.0.


Aluminum tubes with the same wall thickness do not mean that they have the same unit weight. The wall thickness of YG-76, YG-89 and YG-108 are all 4.0, but the unit weight of YG-76 is 2.45Kg / m, the unit weight of YG-89 is 2.89Kg / m, and the unit weight of YG-108 is 3.65Kg / m, and the price is calculated based on the unit weight. The heavier the unit weight, the higher the price.


The wall thickness and unit weight of the same model are not necessarily the same. YG-25 is divided into two types, one with a wall thickness of 2.0 and a unit weight of 0.43Kg / m, and one with a wall thickness of 2.3 and a unit weight of 0.45Kg / m .


When purchasing aluminum round tubes, be sure to look at the model of the round tube to avoid it. Usually, the model number will be marked on the inside of the tube or the interface of the round tube.


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